Day: October 13, 2009

NFL annoyances: bringing out the sticks

One of the things that annoys me about the NFL is how they measure for first downs. You can usually tell if the ball is placed far enough for a first down without “bringing out the sticks”, as they like to say, to measure it. That’s why they have yard markers across the field. Are those two poles joined by a chain just so manly that the NFL can’t get rid of them? Are the guys who have this job part of a union that the NFL can’t fight? You’d think by now we’d have a more accurate (and quicker) way to measure, maybe with a $1.50 laser from the sideline?

In last night’s Monday Night Football game, we have a demonstration of referees who were unable to determine if the ball was past the first down marker without “bringing out the sticks”. Was this really necessary?:

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