Day: October 2, 2009

Deanna Brown quits again

I predicted 2 years ago when we left Scripps that Deanna Brown, who was newly-hired to run the online sites, that she’d leave in 2 years. I was wrong, she lasted 6 months longer than that. It wasn’t hard to predict, her resume is one failed 2-year stint after another. We even asked her about it when it was her job to convince us to sell Recipezaar to them. We asked her point-blank: “You seem to job hop a lot, how long are you going to stay at Scripps?”. Her answer was that she has nowhere else to go so she’ll be at Scripps for a long time.

She was wrong that she’d be at Scripps for a long time, but she was right that she has nowhere else to go. So she went to Federated Media. Federated Media is a loser in a sea of ad sales losers. To put it in perspective, when we ran Recipezaar we had ad sales companies contacting us constantly to let them run their ads on our site. Federated Media never called because their focus at the time was on blogs (that wasn’t a good idea when blogs were the New Thing), but had they contacted us we wouldn’t even have bothered to return their call. That’s how big a loser this company was then. I was surprised to hear that they’re still around today. And Deanna Brown couldn’t even get the CEO job that they were interviewing for, she took the COO job. I can’t imagine a worse job for Deanna than a COO. COOs need to be very organized, willing to listen to people and change directions when things aren’t working. Deanna needs to be the center of attention, COOs need to be invisible and have no ego.

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