NetJets Open House

We were invited to the NetJets open house today at Boeing Field so we went to get a chance to see what a private jet is like. NetJets is a “fractional ownership” (essentially a timeshare) plan for private jets and their partner, MarquisJet, is a pay-by-the-hour plan for NetJets planes.

NetJets Open House

The convenience of using NetJets would be great — no security lines, no waiting at the airport, shorter travel times, fly on your own schedule, bring your own beer (!), etc. But even with a MarquisJet card, flying in a private jet is at least 7x more expensive than flying commercial First Class, depending on how many people you put on a plane and where you’re going. I imagine that’ll come down in the next decade or two as the planes get less expensive to build and operate but commercial flying will always be more cost-effective (and far more eco-friendly).

We just went to sit in the planes to see what they’re like inside. They had three planes: a Citation XLS, a Gulfstream 200 and a Falcon 2000. The Citation XLS (seats 7) is very claustrophobic, I don’t think I’d like flying in one of those. The Gulfstream 200 (seats 9) and the Falcon 2000 (seats 10) were more roomy but not by much. I could at least stand up in them but the aisle is so narrow it’s hard to get around in it. I’d still prefer to fly commercial just because of the more space in the cabin.

We tried to go to Hudson Restaurant, which was just a couple minutes from Boeing Field, for lunch but they don’t allow kids in so we just took a photo of Hudson there and went to Zeek’s Pizza in West Seattle before going home.

Hudson & Hudson

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