House-warming party

After going into Seattle this morning, we went in again this evening for Stephanie & Matt’s house-warming party. I haven’t gone into Seattle twice in the same day since the day we moved to Vashon and had to make a few trips back to the old house.

We were one of the first to get to the party and the first to leave at 11pm and raced to catch the 11:40 ferry. We barely made it but had we missed it we would have been taking the 1:50am ferry and would have gotten home at 2:30am. The ferries suck.

2 thoughts on “House-warming party”

  1. Troy,
    Yep, Ferries might suck, but I’m always reminded by something that my Grandma used to say: “Third class riding is better than First Class walking” 🙂
    The trams here: either they are wonderfully brilliant or they totally suck.
    Ok it’s true that some days I’d rather walk (and do) as we increase our efforts to be greener and use our car less, but generally I find that even a bad 40 minute tram ride is still better than the 2 hour walk home over bricked streets, though busy intersections and polluting city traffic. .. but look on the bright side – waiting a long time for the next ferry would have certainly sucked, but still would be preferential to swimming!

  2. I should restate that: The ferry schedule sucks. 🙂

    But environmentally, I’m not so sure the ferry is better. The ferry gets terrible gas mileage and they leak into the water and pollute Puget Sound. And they run even half-full or less of cars so they often are more damaging to the environment than they need to be. So I’d bet that a bridge with gas-powered cars running across it would not be less eco-friendly.

    Plus, I’d get home faster. 🙂

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