After our meeting with the architects, we went to one of West Seattle’s newest restaurants, Porterhouse. They have a really good beer selection — Gay had a half-pint of Menage a Frog, which we knew is great, and I had the Boundary Bay Double Dry Hopped IPA which was new to us and very good as well. The food was pretty good but standard pub food. I had the burger and Gay had the salmon sandwich. They had Deschutes’ Mirror Mirror barleywine on tap and we couldn’t pass that up so we split a half-pint — it’s a lot more fun to have high alcohol beers when you don’t have to drive home — of that for dessert along with a scoop of Molly Moon’s Salted Caramel ice cream and a chocolate tart.

While on the ferry home, Kelly called to tell us the fire alarms were going off in the house. Hudson slept right through them but Havana woke up and was scared. There was no fire in the house. She took them outside and away from the noise until we got home. It turns out that the batteries in one were low so all of them were beeping (loudly) to alert us about the need for fresh batteries. I understand safety is the best policy, but perhaps a little less shrill a sound for a low battery warning would suffice?

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