Comcast's Inactive DCT Lease

I got the latest Comcast bill notification email and looked at my bill and discovered a charge for $13.40 under Comcast Cable Television:

The funny thing is that we don’t have Comcast Cable TV. We used to years ago, so I assume that “Inactive DCT Lease” means that we’re being charged for the inactive Digital Cable TV set-top box leases that we used to have (we only had 2, not 4, though). I contacted their customer service and they credited us for the charge and for the charges back to June when they started charging us for this. In June and July they only charged us for one lease. Either someone screwed up in the billing department and this happened to lots of people (likely since the customer service rep seemed not surprised by this and quickly fixed it) or Comcast is evil. I am assuming the former… for now.

Chat transcript:

Katrina > Hello Troy Hakala, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Katrina. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Katrina > Hi! How are you doing today?
Troy Hakala > ok
Troy Hakala > my bill has a $13.40 charge for “Inactive DCT Lease”. What is that?
Katrina > I can check on that for you.
Katrina > May I ask for the account number so that I can pull up your account and check it for you?
Troy Hakala > I assume it is this: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Katrina > Thank you for that information. Please give me a moment as I pull up your account.
Katrina > I am going over the account to check now for you.
Katrina > Please give me a moment as I process a credit for this charges and you will see this in the next bill statement.
Katrina > Please give me a moment as I process a credit for this charges and you will see this in the next bill statement.
Troy Hakala > What is it for? Why have I been charged for it? HOw long have you been charging me for this?
Katrina > I am sorry regarding this matter. I can see here that this occur just last month. But please do not worry for I have processed a credit for that charge and has made corrections in the account so that this will not happen again.
Troy Hakala > ok. thanks.
Katrina > I am happy to resolve your issue by successfully processing this for you. Here is the confirmation number for future reference: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Katrina > You are most welcome.
Katrina > I am happy to process this for you and I am hoping that you will also take time to answer the 3 quick question after you click the close end session after this. Your feedback is important to me. Thank you in advance.
Katrina > I greatly appreciate your time today and Thank you for having been really nice.
Troy Hakala > ok
Katrina > Thank you very much.
Katrina > We strive to exceed your expectations and hope that you will take a moment to complete the three question survey that will follow our interaction. Your feedback will help us to continue improving how we serve you.
Katrina > Thank you for choosing Comcast and have a great day! Should you need further assistance, please chat with us again. Customer Support Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2 thoughts on “Comcast's Inactive DCT Lease”

  1. You’re right: Comcast IS evil. Same thing JUST happened to me just after I did the mandatory conversion to digital cable boxes. Comcast started billing me this for 2 boxes at $3.20 each. When I phoned them they SUPER quickly apologized and, also removed the $40 service charge for them to come out and fix THEIR cable, and cut my monthly rate for a year. I suspect “Inactive DCT lease” is fraud and reported this to my local TV news investigative team. I wonder how many people’s accounts are “set up incorrectly” Ha! Thanks for your posting.

  2. Comcast will rip off its customers wherever it can. Sorry, sorry company. They should be run out of town — OUT OF TEXAS!

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