Day: August 17, 2009

Comcast's Inactive DCT Lease

I got the latest Comcast bill notification email and looked at my bill and discovered a charge for $13.40 under Comcast Cable Television:

The funny thing is that we don’t have Comcast Cable TV. We used to years ago, so I assume that “Inactive DCT Lease” means that we’re being charged for the inactive Digital Cable TV set-top box leases that we used to have (we only had 2, not 4, though). I contacted their customer service and they credited us for the charge and for the charges back to June when they started charging us for this. In June and July they only charged us for one lease. Either someone screwed up in the billing department and this happened to lots of people (likely since the customer service rep seemed not surprised by this and quickly fixed it) or Comcast is evil. I am assuming the former… for now.

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