Eric & Valerie's Going Away Party

Eric and Valerie are going to sail to France so they had their going-away party tonight at the very cool Bastille at 7:30. That’s a little late for us early-birds to have dinner so Gay and I went to Maritime Brewery’s Jolly Roger brewpub down the street for a beer and a light dinner (tiny burgers and oyster sandwiches) before the party.

At Bastille, we caught up with several people we haven’t seen in a long time and met some of Eric and Valerie’s friends. Eric and Valerie are renting out their house in Seattle and living on their boat for a couple weeks until they’re ready to sail. From Seattle, they’ll go to San Francisco and stay there for a few weeks. Then down to Mexico, through the Panama Canal, to Cuba (!), Bermuda and then across the ocean to the northern coast of France. The trip should take them a year. Seems dangerous to me but they’ve sailed across the Atlantic before and survived. They’re planning to find and buy a house in the Dordogne region of France and split their time between there and Seattle. Living the dream.

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