Healthcare Reform

Jonathan Alter understands why healthcare reform should be stopped and we should just let the insurance companies decide who gets good healthcare:

bq. Speaking of fair, it seems fair to me that cost-cutting bureaucrats at the insurance companies–not doctors–decide what’s reimbursable. After all, the insurance companies know best.

They sure do! Have you ever known a corporation to put profits ahead of the best interests of their customers? It’s absurd. The Republicans are right, the free market cures all ills. It makes perfect sense that healthcare should be run by corporations. We’ve proven it, how else could the US healthcare be ranked 37th in the world in quality even though it’s the most expensive healthcare in the world? It beats those losers in Slovenia at #38. People who complain that we’re #37 in quality ignore that we’re #1 in cost! America is #1! Woo hoo! The free market in healthcare is working like a charm.

I’m so sick of Americans whining about having to pay high fees for healthcare or having healthcare that doesn’t work for them — if they don’t want to pay or don’t want to deal with insurance companies, they shouldn’t get diseases, inherit genes from their parents, have injuries, etc. And people who worry about children whose parents can’t afford healthcare for them. Those kids should’ve selected their parents more wisely. What were they doing for those nine months in the womb?! We deserve the best military and the best economy, but we certainly don’t deserve the best healthcare. Even William Kristol, the smartest guy on TV because he never sways from Republican talking points, agrees that Americans don’t deserve the best healthcare.

Republicans is smart.

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