Month: August 2009

Snow Leopard broke Control and Caps Lock swapping

9/1/2009 Update: The problem turned out to be related to the wireless USB hub for Logitech’s MX Revolution (and others?) mouse. If you unplug it before you change the Modifier Keys the changes do take effect. You can then plug the Logitech USB dongle back in and everything works fine. I tried every combination of plugging my keyboard into my computer but the Logitech dongle was plugged into the back of my display so I didn’t think to try it. Michael Richardson figured it out.

I installed Snow Leopard this morning and discovered that they broke the most important feature of any OS: swapping Caps Lock and Control. The Control key isn’t used much by most users, but developers use it all the time. In fact, it’s safe to say that no developer worth his/her salt doesn’t swap their Control and Caps Lock keys and I haven’t had an OS in decades that didn’t do this… until now. Actually, Mac OS X didn’t do this officially until 10.4, but you could edit a .plist file to swap the keys, which was good enough. In 10.4 they conveniently put the feature in System Preferences and officially supported it. Until Snow Leopard broke it. Not even the manual way to change it works anymore.

To be clear, this setting in the System Preferences Keyboard pane has no effect whatsoever, not just for Caps Lock but for any of the keys:

It’s bad that the retarded [Update after finding out the true cause of the problem: My apologies to the Apple developer for calling them “retarded”, I should be calling the Logitech developer “retarded” because they obviously did something non-standard with their driver for the USB dongle] developer that broke this didn’t even bother to test their change themselves. It’s inexcusable that the entire time this was broken during the development of Snow Leopard (12 months?) nobody at Apple noticed it, not even their developers.

This is like an auto mechanic never noticing that his wrench is broken. Or a bartender never noticing that his corkscrew doesn’t work.

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Happy Birthday Hudson!

Hudson is one year old today! It’s hard to believe a year has gone by already since he was born.


He’s on the verge of walking by himself, I can feel it. And he’s developed a brutal scream that he uses just whenever, not when he’s upset or hurt, just to make noise. Havana is not one to mind loud screams but even she tells him “That’s too loud, Hudson” and “Inside voices” when he does it. He’s been a great baby, is very happy and giggly and laid-back and able to put up with Havana. The next year should be even more fun as he becomes more active and independent and is able to play with Havana more.

Hudson at 11 months, 10 months, 9 months, 8 months, 7 months, 6 months, 5 months, 4 months, 3 months, 2 months and 1 month.

Incidentally, Hudson not only shares his birthday with a bunch of cool people, but he was also born on the 399th Anniversary of the day Galileo demonstrated his telescope.

Comcast's Inactive DCT Lease

I got the latest Comcast bill notification email and looked at my bill and discovered a charge for $13.40 under Comcast Cable Television:

The funny thing is that we don’t have Comcast Cable TV. We used to years ago, so I assume that “Inactive DCT Lease” means that we’re being charged for the inactive Digital Cable TV set-top box leases that we used to have (we only had 2, not 4, though). I contacted their customer service and they credited us for the charge and for the charges back to June when they started charging us for this. In June and July they only charged us for one lease. Either someone screwed up in the billing department and this happened to lots of people (likely since the customer service rep seemed not surprised by this and quickly fixed it) or Comcast is evil. I am assuming the former… for now.

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Eric & Valerie's Going Away Party

Eric and Valerie are going to sail to France so they had their going-away party tonight at the very cool Bastille at 7:30. That’s a little late for us early-birds to have dinner so Gay and I went to Maritime Brewery’s Jolly Roger brewpub down the street for a beer and a light dinner (tiny burgers and oyster sandwiches) before the party.

At Bastille, we caught up with several people we haven’t seen in a long time and met some of Eric and Valerie’s friends. Eric and Valerie are renting out their house in Seattle and living on their boat for a couple weeks until they’re ready to sail. From Seattle, they’ll go to San Francisco and stay there for a few weeks. Then down to Mexico, through the Panama Canal, to Cuba (!), Bermuda and then across the ocean to the northern coast of France. The trip should take them a year. Seems dangerous to me but they’ve sailed across the Atlantic before and survived. They’re planning to find and buy a house in the Dordogne region of France and split their time between there and Seattle. Living the dream.

Canned Craft Beer

A slowly-growing trend in craft beer is to package it in cans. 21st Amendment, which we visited in 2008, is one of the few that does this now and we can finally get their beers locally so Gay picked some up recently. I look forward to getting more craft beer in a can — easier to carry, less prone to breakage, better protection from light and air and more eco-friendly.

Cool beer packaging (great beer)

This Brew Free! or Die IPA is delicious. We also got their Hell or High Watermelon Wheat, which I’d heard good things about in spite of it being a wheat beer, but I didn’t like it at all.

It's finally raining!

I’ve missed the rain; and the green grass. I hope it rains for the next few days.

We missed the first release of “Dry Fly”: whiskey this weekend — all sold out state-wide. This is the first whiskey made in Washington since Prohibition from the first distillery in Washington since Prohibition. They will be releasing another batch around the holidays, we’ll have to be more on top of it then. We “visited”: Dry Fly last year.

Happy Birthday, Gracelyn

We packed the kids in the car right after their midday naps and went to Newcastle, WA to Julie and Hans’ house for Gracelyn‘s 1st birthday party. On the way home I resisted the Fry’s in Renton and we went to get takeout at Buddha Ruksa in West Seattle. I’m not sure why we did because we weren’t very hungry after eating at the party, but we ate a little of it when we got home and left most of it for dinner tomorrow night.

Healthcare Reform

Jonathan Alter understands why healthcare reform should be stopped and we should just let the insurance companies decide who gets good healthcare:

bq. Speaking of fair, it seems fair to me that cost-cutting bureaucrats at the insurance companies–not doctors–decide what’s reimbursable. After all, the insurance companies know best.

They sure do! Have you ever known a corporation to put profits ahead of the best interests of their customers? It’s absurd. The Republicans are right, the free market cures all ills. It makes perfect sense that healthcare should be run by corporations. We’ve proven it, how else could the US healthcare be ranked 37th in the world in quality even though it’s the most expensive healthcare in the world? It beats those losers in Slovenia at #38. People who complain that we’re #37 in quality ignore that we’re #1 in cost! America is #1! Woo hoo! The free market in healthcare is working like a charm.

I’m so sick of Americans whining about having to pay high fees for healthcare or having healthcare that doesn’t work for them — if they don’t want to pay or don’t want to deal with insurance companies, they shouldn’t get diseases, inherit genes from their parents, have injuries, etc. And people who worry about children whose parents can’t afford healthcare for them. Those kids should’ve selected their parents more wisely. What were they doing for those nine months in the womb?! We deserve the best military and the best economy, but we certainly don’t deserve the best healthcare. Even William Kristol, the smartest guy on TV because he never sways from Republican talking points, agrees that Americans don’t deserve the best healthcare.

Republicans is smart.