Day: July 19, 2009

Penguin in the house!

Havana came running out of the house yelling “There’s a penguin in the house!”. It was 80+ degrees today so we thought the odds of a penguin really being in the house were low so we humored her. Later, Gay went in the house with Havana and Havana showed her the “penguin”. It was actually a hummingbird. And Havana learned a new word.


Tour de France: Contador in yellow

Contador attacked on the final climb and no one could match him. He’s now in yellow with Lance in second by 1:37. It should be pretty easy to keep that lead over everyone until the final time trial.

Incidentally, Versus’ TV coverage is dominated by ads for Cadillac and Chrysler. I’m thankful that they support cycling and that allows me to see the TdF, but why are GM and Chrysler wasting our tax dollars advertising for products that the world has rejected and is very unlikely to buy anytime soon? They should make cars that don’t suck before they start advertising again.