Day: July 8, 2009

Talking about site location

Back from her vacation, our architect came over today to look at the property and talk about our options for locating the house. It doesn’t seem practical to move the house very far north and retain the view due to the slope of the property. But we still may be able to situate it so that we have one yard instead of a front and a back yard. Gay and I don’t quite agree on the importance of this, though. The architect will have to be creative to mediate between us on this and still give us south-facing windows for good solar glazing.

New Roku Netflix Player

The Roku (pronounced “Row-koo”, not “Rock You”, I’ve discovered) player we got 13 months ago, one month past the 1-year warranty, died last Friday. They wouldn’t replace it so I ordered a replacement. Good thing they’re only $100. I tested the power supply and it was delivering the correct voltage so I assumed it was the box itself. I was wrong.

I got the new one today and tried the new power supply and it does work. Hmmm. Maybe the amperage is wrong? I can’t test that. Well, with a replacement power supply, we will have two and can use the old one elsewhere. It’s a great device, otherwise.