July 4th

After watching the start to the Tour de France, we went over to Ron & Debbie’s for their annual July 4th party. You can see the Vashon fireworks from their house. Gay made a very good cake too:


It doesn’t get dark here until after 9:30pm so the fireworks don’t start until 10pm so we left early to get the kids into bed.

Gay’s cake with the wrong number of stars and stripes on it reminds me of a story from high school…

In 11th grade I took an art class. A girl who sat next to me was drawing an American flag and asked me how many stars are on the flag. I told her that there were 50, one for each state. But another girl overheard me and said I was wrong, that there were only 48 states in the US — this was in 1986, well after Alaska and Hawaii were admitted. I insisted that there were 50 and she insisted that there were 48. Enough of that, so I suggested we ask our teacher and let her settle the argument. We called the teacher over and she told us we were both wrong, that there were 52 states in the US. The girl next to me put 52 stars on her flag.

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