Month: July 2009

Crikey, it's hot!

It’s been in the 90s all week. Yuck. It may even be the hottest day on record in Seattle, “it has never been over 100 here”:! But the evenings are perfect for drinking beer outside until 10pm.


At about 5:45pm we lost power, probably because of everyone blasting their A/C. We’ve never lost power in the summer before. I love our gas generator!

It did turn out to be “a record at 103”: It hasn’t been this hot in Seattle since July 1994 and before that, 1941.

We may turn on the air-conditioner tomorrow.

More site talk

Alan from Miller-Hull visited today to take a look at the property. Alan is working with the principal architect, who came out a few weeks ago to talk about the site. Alan was still in Alaska at the time, where he spent 6 months on a project there and blogged about his experience. We’ve narrowed the possible sites down a bit, but the next step is to get a topographical survey of the property, including the locations of trees, so that we can zero in on where we can and can’t build. We’re in the process of getting bids from surveyors.

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Tour de France 2009

Another Tour de France is over. Contador wins, Andy Schleck is second and Armstrong is third. Contador has won two Tours de France and the Vuelta Espana and the Giro d’Italia — he’s won all four major stage races that he’s raced. Very impressive.

We went to France in 2005 to see what I thought would be Lance’s last time on the podium, but there he is up there again in 2009. He’s the second-oldest person to ever be on the podium. As it has been for the last 15 (!) years I’ve been watching, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen were who I looked forward to listening to for several hours every evening. I miss them already.

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Hudson at 11 months

Hudson is 11 months old today. Since last month, he’s cruising very well now and loves to practice walking. We hold his hands and he will walk all around the house and yard and get upset if you want to quit before he does. He crawls fast and can even start to climb stairs. For eating, he rarely takes food from us anymore and now prefers to take food himself and feed himself. This is a welcome change!

Hudson at 11 months

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Tour de France: Stage 17

Contador showed how inexperienced he is today. The Schleck brothers attacked and Contador and his teammate Kloden followed. They were ahead of the peloton by minutes and Contador suddenly attacked with 2km to go on the final climb. He had nothing to gain, the Schlecks were a few minutes behind him on the GC and they weren’t gaining any time on him since he was right there with them. His attack ended up dropping Kloden, not the Schlecks! The Schleck brothers ended the stage gaining significant time and put them in 2nd and 3rd place overall, knocking Kloden and Lance out of the top three positions. Stupid stupid mistake.