Seattle Rock 'n Roll Marathon

We went to San Diego in 2005 so Gay and Megan could run the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon there. It came to Seattle for the first time this year and Gay and Megan ran it today. Actually, Megan ran the full marathon and, because Gay didn’t train much since our trip, Gay did the half-marathon.

Seattle Rock 'n Roll Marathon

It sold out so quickly that Gay didn’t even get an official ticket to run it. But Gay, Havana, Hudson and I got up early, took a 7am ferry into Seattle and walked to about the midpoint of the full marathon course, waited for Megan to reach that point and Gay jumped in and ran the rest of the race with her. Megan finished in 4:40, her best time of her 4 marathons.

While they were running, Havana, Hudson and I made our way to the finish line at Qwest Field. Hudson had fallen asleep in the stroller while waiting for Megan so he was easy, but Havana cried most of the walk asking “Where’d mommy go?” and “I wanna see mommy”. That ended when she spied the little Waterfall Park and asked to go in and see it. She didn’t want to leave. When we did leave, she didn’t want to ride in the stroller or walk, so I had to carry her while pushing the stroller. She’s getting too heavy to carry.

We got to Qwest field, made our way through the crowds to find the finish line. It was way too crowded to get anywhere near it, especially with a stroller and 2 kids, to get a photo of them crossing. We walked around for a bit by Qwest Field and I spotted a big “BJ’s Brewhouse” sign on a fence, which I recognized as a great chain of brewpubs, one of which we went to in California. Ah hah, I know how to kill some time! We got over there and in little print under the sign was “VIP Access Only”. Damn. I’m definitely not a VIP. I still had an hour to wait and I knew Elysian Fields was around there somewhere, so I walked in the general direction and found it, right next to the marathon finish line. How convenient. We went in there and to the “lounge” where a couple other race participants and their kids were hanging out. Perfect. I could feed Hudson lunch, get Havana a cold milk and me a cold beer. Supporting your wife running a marathon doesn’t have to be all work.

About at noon, Gay, who was carrying her iPhone, texted me that they were approaching mile marker 25. A few minutes later, Megan’s family (mom, brother, sister, niece and nephew) showed up at Elysian Fields and we got a big table. Gay texted me again telling me they were finished and to have beers ready for them. Gay and Megan arrived a few minutes later and we all had lunch. Tiffany and Brad, who were also following them on the course by (tandem!) bike, stopped by for a beer. Then Dorothy, who had ran the half-marathon and already went home and showered, came by for a beer too.

3 thoughts on “Seattle Rock 'n Roll Marathon”

  1. Hey! I ran the half and was at Elysian the same time as you! Can’t believe I didn’t see you guys! Kathy told me to check out your blog and lo and behold we were in the same spot at the same time on sat, crazy!

  2. You didn’t see a little girl trying to get her dad to lift her up to see the fish in the aquarium over and over again? I looked around the place, I should have seen you. Later, we were way in the back (on the west side of the restaurant).

    Congratulations on the run. You’re a masochistic lunatic too, eh?

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