Father's Day 2009

Today is the official kick-off to Father’s Day Week.This is my 3rd Father’s Day and first with Hudson. Happy Father’s Day to me. 🙂

Gay and Havana made blueberry pancakes for breakfast before I opened a couple gifts. I got a soldering iron, which I can use to fix Havana’s electric toys that seem to break often and have been thinking about getting for a while, and a Kindle 2, which surprised me. Gay read a book on my kindle while on vacation and felt sorry for me having to use the much inferior version 1 device. I thought I could suffer through another year or so until Kindle 3 came out, but Gay thought that was too long to wait.

We almost went to the Washington Brewer’s Festival, but the weather in the morning seemed so nice I didn’t want to miss out on using the hammock. And believe it or not, I didn’t much feel like spending the afternoon tasting beers and pushing kids around in the hot sun. I got some time in the hammock reading a book (on the Kindle, which is much less painful to hold than the Kindle 1) but the rain came in and forced me inside. Good thing we didn’t go to the beer festival because the rain was pretty heavy.

Later, I split a couple beers (Ninkasi’s Tricerahops Double IPA and Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA) with Gay before dinner.

Before I forget this story, I should write it down and Father’s Day is an appropriate day for it. While on the flight to London several weeks ago, a man sat across the aisle from me. Hudson was sitting on my lap before the plane took off and I had some small talk with the guy about the kids, his kids and such. He has two kids, both are in their 20s now and he told me how it’s great to see them grow up into adults. He started reading a book and later on the flight, Hudson was again on my lap. The man leaned over to me and reminded me about what he said about kids growing up. He showed me the bookmark he was using to read his book. It was really old and worn and had a kid’s drawing on it. He said his son made it for him when he was four years old and he’s been using it as a bookmark ever since and just realized it had been 19 years! His son probably spent 10 minutes making it and doesn’t even remember doing it today, but he used it for every book he read ever since. He leaned over to Hudson and said “See the affect you have on us?”. It’s amazing how kids change everything you think and do and they’ll never realize it because we were always parents to them.

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