Day: June 19, 2009

iPhone 3G S

We got our new iPhones today. But once again, AT&T is unable to handle the number of activations so mine has no service and may not for 48 hours:

Waiting for activation

We skipped the iPhone 3G last year so this feels like a big improvement over the original iPhone. I wasn’t even that excited about this one, though, since I am still very happy with my iPhone (because it’s the greatest device ever made!). But the improved camera and video made it compelling to me because too often I don’t have a camera handy, but I always have my iPhone, when I want to snap a photo of the kids. The video isn’t HD, but low-quality video is better than no video.

Interestingly, the hardware in the iPhone 3G S can support HD (720p) video so they may add it later via a software update.

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