Jael Phelps is an idiot

The granddaughter of hillbilly homophobic hate-monger Frank Phelps came to Seattle to announce the end of the world and tell us all about God’s hatred for homosexuals, Jews and Obama supporters:

I love that she wears glasses… she believes she knows God’s will and can lecture us on obeying his will yet it never dawns on her that God wanted her to have poor vision and that she’s directly going against his will by wearing glasses.

13 thoughts on “Jael Phelps is an idiot”

  1. I admire the Phelps family for proclaiming the truth about God’s standards. I saw the Louis Theroux documentary about them and they are really nice people.

  2. To be clear, you admire the Phelps family for proclaiming what they *believe* is the truth about God’s standards. Nice people don’t do what the Phelps do. Are racists nice people? They used to “proclaim God’s standards” about interracial marriage and segregation. Were the Crusaders nice people? They went around killing people who don’t follow “God’s standards”. You don’t think they’re nice, you like that they’re trying to push your crazy view of the world on everyone else.

    1. They tell you exactly what they think it says. Nobody, not even biblical scholars, claims to know what the bible says except pigs who want to misuse it to judge others and claim superiority.

  3. I could not believe when Jael Phelps laughed when she told Louis Theroux he was going to hell. You should not want anyone to go to hell nevermind laugh when you tell someone they are going there

  4. Hi, I am a Norwegian girl and search for Jael Phelps email adress. Can somebody please give me, or tell me have els I can come in contact to here.


  5. i watched the documentary of Louis about the Phelps and was interested in “Jael Phelps”, she beautiful and intelligent young woman. i believe that given a different upbring and environ, she will be a totally different person, like by everyone instead of being abhorred. when Louis was talking to her, you can see through her eyes that there is something and i believe its totally different from what she is saying or doing…. i don’t know…
    if any one can give me her email add please do…

    abu dhabi

  6. Jael Phelps is fucking hot. If she was born in a different normal family instead of those loons, she’d hate WBC. Also i thought there was a little something going on between her and Louis in his documentary ;D Just Kidding… I cant believe she laughed at him when she told him he’ll go to hell.

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