London to Seattle

We checked out of our apartment in London by 11am and went straight to Paddington Station where we took the Heathrow Express to the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Terminal 5 is a huge new terminal that British Airways built exclusively for itself. We flew Club World so we could go to the Club World lounge and I’m glad we did — I’ve never seen a lounge like this!

Kids Zone at Heathrow Terminal 5

The place is huge and there’s food, drinks, beer, wine and a full bar all free and self-serve. There’s a big selection of magazines and newspapers from around the world, all free. There’s plenty of comfortable seating to wait for your flight. They even have showers. And this is the Club World lounge, I wonder what the First Class lounge was like! And they have a room called Kids Zone, which is a sound-proof room filled with toys, TVs and video games. We put Havana and Hudson in there all by themselves while we sat outside the room and ate a light lunch. Havana loved it so much she cried when she had to leave.

Kelly picked us up at the airport and we drove to the new Zeek’s Pizza in West Seattle to get pizza to take home. We went inside to order and wait while enjoying a good ol’ American craft beer. A pizza place in Seattle has a bigger and better beer selection than your typical pub (or any pub I went to) in London. I love Seattle.

Gay’s dad and aunt and Illy were waiting patiently for us to get home at 7:30pm. By this time we were tired, as it was 3:30am to us. It was all we could do to stay up until 9:30pm. We had to pull Havana away from playing choo-choos with Gay’s dad and aunt.

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