Escape from Brussels

The two best things about Brussels: the train ride in and the train ride out.


I had high hopes for Brussels, but the food is mediocre, not very French at all like we expected. I’m sick of french fries, they serve them with everything. But what happened to the Belgian custom of mayo for the fries? The really good beers (Chimay, Duvel, etc.) can be bought in America, the rest are good but not good enough to write home blog about. The city is deteriorating, dirty, graffiti-filled and is under construction almost everywhere you go (did I miss a recent war in Belgium?). Their streets change names every block or so and the names are so long they don’t fit legibly on maps. Their milk sucks, Havana went on a milk strike and she’d drink milk all day if we let her. It’s more expensive than even London.

On the positive side, the people are friendly, the waffles are very good (they’re snacks, not breakfast choices) and a few square blocks of the city has beautiful old buildings.

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