Bird show and a hike

This morning we took the kids to the castle for a “Falconry” show. It turns out that there was only one falcon but there was also a hawk and an owl. And we got up close with them. I assumed we’d watch birds land on the guy’s arm over and over. The falcon is considered too dangerous to be close to people so for that bird, he went down below the castle and the bird did several dives near him and away from people. As he explained, the owl would also be dangerous to people if it wasn’t so dumb and you were dumb enough to not move while it finally figured out to attack you.


Right after the show, we took a walk to North Bovey for lunch. The maps weren’t very clear on the route but after a few false starts and after asking a groundskeeper, we found the footpath off the castle grounds and through the woods along the Bovey River (really a stream) to North Bovey. It was a little muddy and difficult to maneuver the stroller along the path and we had to hop a couple fences, but eventually we made it to the town and to The Ring of Bells Inn, the only place for food in North Bovey, for lunch. Luckily, the food was pretty good.


Not wanting to walk back along the trail, we arranged for the cars (Range Rovers, of course) from Bovey Castle to pick us up and take us back. Both kids fell asleep on the 10-minute drive back.

After afternoon naps, we drove the golf cart through the castle grounds to eat an early dinner at the castle’s casual restaurant. There’s another nice restaurant but it requires that men wear a jacket and probably not a great for a little girl who likes to run around and say hello to people. Incidentally, this place has London Pride on tap and keg (ahhh, CO2, how I love thee!) as opposed to a handpumped cask, so I had that for the first time.

Havana loves the golf cart, what she calls a “tractor”. On the way home, she sat on my lap and steered and was very proud of herself for driving. It brought back a memory of me as a kid sitting on my dad’s lap and steering our car (a Datsun hatchback, I think). Once we got back to our place, she didn’t want to get out of the cart so I sat with her and we pretended to drive around, including a stop at the library and at the grocery store, places I think she knows she rides to when at home.

I have a bunch of beers I bought when we visited the Fuller’s Brewery that Gay has asked me to drink so we don’t have to pack them and carry them again. I always do as I’m told, as long as what I’m told to do is drink beer. So I tried the Gale Brewery’s Old Prize Ale, which is the most interesting beer I’ve had yet. It’s almost like a sweet barley wine. After that, I had the Fuller’s Old Winter Ale which is maltier than an ESB and less bitter, not my favorite way to go, but one of the better beers I’ve had here. I still have three 500ml beers and one 330ml beer to go, which will take some effort to drink in one day before we leave Wednesday morning.

2 thoughts on “Bird show and a hike”

  1. Bovey Castle certainly is beautiful, and a nice place for kids. Havana must have picked an egg at the chicken coup. Little Hudson, like Havana, seems to thrive on traveling. Glad you are having such a nice trip, a memory to cherish forever! Enjoy the train ride to Brussels.

    Lots of love,

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