Month: June 2009

Our Architect

We started meeting and interviewing architects in late March. It was a tough decision to pick one architect as several are very good. We interviewed seven Seattle architects and we chose Miller-Hull.

We expect it to take a year to design it and another year or more after that to build it. So we’re just at the start of a very long process that will consume a large part of our time for a while but are excited to get into it. We wrote our “program”, which is a description of each room of the house and how the rooms should relate to each other, and, in our case, a 56-page document. We had our first meeting last week to go over it with the architect.

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Serious Pie

We had a meeting in downtown Seattle this afternoon and after that we went to Tom Douglas’ neighborhood for a cocktail at Dahlia Lounge and then next door to Serious Pie for dinner. Gay has been there a couple times but it was my first time. We shared the cherry bomb peppers, sweet fennel sausage pizza and the guanciale, soft egg, arugula pizza. Both were fantastic and an egg, which I’ve never had before, was surprisingly good on a pizza.

See Tom Douglas, the owner and famous Seattle restaurateur, talk about the place.

Father's Day 2009

Today is the official kick-off to Father’s Day Week.This is my 3rd Father’s Day and first with Hudson. Happy Father’s Day to me. 🙂

Gay and Havana made blueberry pancakes for breakfast before I opened a couple gifts. I got a soldering iron, which I can use to fix Havana’s electric toys that seem to break often and have been thinking about getting for a while, and a Kindle 2, which surprised me. Gay read a book on my kindle while on vacation and felt sorry for me having to use the much inferior version 1 device. I thought I could suffer through another year or so until Kindle 3 came out, but Gay thought that was too long to wait.

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iPhone 3G S

We got our new iPhones today. But once again, AT&T is unable to handle the number of activations so mine has no service and may not for 48 hours:

Waiting for activation

We skipped the iPhone 3G last year so this feels like a big improvement over the original iPhone. I wasn’t even that excited about this one, though, since I am still very happy with my iPhone (because it’s the greatest device ever made!). But the improved camera and video made it compelling to me because too often I don’t have a camera handy, but I always have my iPhone, when I want to snap a photo of the kids. The video isn’t HD, but low-quality video is better than no video.

Interestingly, the hardware in the iPhone 3G S can support HD (720p) video so they may add it later via a software update.

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Jael Phelps is an idiot

The granddaughter of hillbilly homophobic hate-monger Frank Phelps came to Seattle to announce the end of the world and tell us all about God’s hatred for homosexuals, Jews and Obama supporters:

I love that she wears glasses… she believes she knows God’s will and can lecture us on obeying his will yet it never dawns on her that God wanted her to have poor vision and that she’s directly going against his will by wearing glasses.

Escape from Brussels

The two best things about Brussels: the train ride in and the train ride out.


I had high hopes for Brussels, but the food is mediocre, not very French at all like we expected. I’m sick of french fries, they serve them with everything. But what happened to the Belgian custom of mayo for the fries? The really good beers (Chimay, Duvel, etc.) can be bought in America, the rest are good but not good enough to write home blog about. The city is deteriorating, dirty, graffiti-filled and is under construction almost everywhere you go (did I miss a recent war in Belgium?). Their streets change names every block or so and the names are so long they don’t fit legibly on maps. Their milk sucks, Havana went on a milk strike and she’d drink milk all day if we let her. It’s more expensive than even London.

On the positive side, the people are friendly, the waffles are very good (they’re snacks, not breakfast choices) and a few square blocks of the city has beautiful old buildings.