London to Bovey Castle

Last night we ordered room service, got suckered into watching Britain’s Got Talent and saw Susan Boyle come in 2nd to the most ridiculous dance troupe I think I’ve ever seen (Britain has talent, they just don’t know they do, I guess), packed our suitcases and got the kids to bed at a reasonable time so we could be checked-out by 9am to catch the train at 10am. We were in the taxi and on our way a few minutes early so we made it to Paddington Station in plenty of time to wait for our train.

Leaving London

The train left right on time; it was scheduled to leave at 9:57am and at 9:57am we were leaving the station. In America, no one would have bet that train would have left before noon. We rode through the English countryside and by 12:30pm we were in Exeter and getting into a taxi to take us to Bovey Castle in Dartmoor National Park.

It’s a 45 minute drive to Bovey so we asked the taxi driver to stop on the way so we could get lunch. His recommendation was Pizza Hut. That’s an indication of how bad the food would be on the way. We didn’t take his recommendation and ended up at a little family pub in Moretonhampstead. The food was not very good, Gay’s grilled “stuffed chicken breast” (meaning it had stuffing on the side) was inedible but I could at least eat my minced beef with onion and gravy with a puff pastry, but not the potatoes. After lunch, we got back in the taxi and rode the windy road through the hills to Bovey Castle. Havana fell fast asleep in my arms, so she got a short afternoon nap.

After getting assistance from the staff to pay the taxi driver since we didn’t have enough cash, we checked-in and were given a tour of the place by the friendly staff. We relaxed in our room and then went to dinner at the casual restaurant in the castle. We had a much better dinner than we did lunch and ate on the balcony of the castle overlooking the grounds and the hills.


One thought on “London to Bovey Castle”

  1. English Countryside looks fabulous! I’m sure Havana will want to trek all over the grounds. Enjoy to the max. We’ll keep tuned in.


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