Fuller's Brewery

After 4 years, we finally visited the Fuller’s Brewery. When we visited London in 2005 our taxi from Heathrow went right by it but because of the terrorist bombings that day, the brewery was closed to the public all week. So we left London without visiting. But today we finally made the trek out to Chiswick. I’ve been to a lot of breweries in the US, but the oldest, I think, dates back to the early 1980s. This brewery has been here for over 350 years (it became Fuller’s in 1845).

Fuller's Brewery

It’s not that far, just a half-dozen stops and one transfer on the Tube, a 15-minute walk through Turnham Green to Chiswick and there it is. We had lunch at the Mawson Arms, the pub at the brewery. The food was nothing special, although Havana really liked her egg salad sandwich (she loves eggs!). But the ESBs we had were the freshest we’ve had yet and you could tell they were fresh because even on a handpump they had some carbonation.

We didn’t get to go on the brewery tour although there was 2 slots available for the 2pm tour because they don’t allow anyone under the age of 14. Gay offered to let me go and she’d take the kids to a park or for a walk but I opted out. After lunch, we went to the gift shop and I got a few beers that you can only get at the brewery: a 1999 Vintage Ale, a 2002 Vintage Ale, Fuller’s Old Winter Ale, Fuller’s Anniversary Ale (brewed in 2005 to commemorate 160 years of brewing) and two beers from Gale brewery (which is owned by Fuller’s): Prize Old Ale and Last Drop, the last beer ever to brewed at the Gale brewery before Fuller’s took over brewing.

I also got a couple tulip glasses with the Fuller’s logo on them, an ESB polo shirt and Havana picked out a little Fuller’s horse and buggy:


On the way back to the Tube station we stopped at a playground for Havana to get some of her energy out. It worked, she fell asleep in the stroller and slept through being lifted up the stairs to the train, through the train ride and the walk back home.

Gay, Havana and Hudson took a nap when we got home and I chilled the Chiswick Bitter I got at the brewery and tested out my new glass:


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