Afternoon in Hyde Park

We went to Harrod’s so Gay could see it (I had been there years ago) and to get lunch stuff at their several rooms of gourmet delis. We walked to Hyde Park and ate lunch near the Albert Memorial before hiking across the park into Kensington Gardens to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground (no, not Paris or Monte Carlo, ha ha ha).

Lunch in Hyde Park

The playground is a fancy playground complete with a big pirate ship as well as the usual swings, slides and various climbing area. It was built as a “tribute for a Princess who loved the innocence of childhood”. Unfortunately, it’s mobbed with screaming kids so you have to wait to even get into it. But Havana loved it and that’s worth a visit to me.

Princess Diana Memorial Playground

Both kids were tired as it took us a long time to get to the playground given Havana’s preference for walking most of the way. Rather than walk the 2.5 miles back home, we decided to grab a taxi and get back quickly. Both kids fell asleep in the taxi.

Eric stopped by to say goodbye as he’s leaving tomorrow morning for Prague. Later, Mark and Lee came by after work also to say goodbye since they’re leaving Saturday morning to go to Seattle for a couple weeks.

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