Tate Modern

After my run in the gym and the kids’ mid-day naps, I was assigned the job of babysitting so Gay and Eric could go to the Tate Modern museum for the afternoon. I spent the afternoon helping Hudson practice his crawling (he can go anywhere he wants to…. backwards) and entertaining Havana between shows on CBeebies. Before Gay and Eric got here, Havana and I watched Kung Fu Panda.

Tate Modern

At 7, all five of us went down to a local pub, the Rose & Crown, to watch the Championship League Final, kind of the Super Bowl of European soccer. It’s odd that they have such a big game on a Wednesday night. We had dinner and watched Barcelona surprisingly defeat Manchester United.

And yes, the correct term for the sport is “soccer”. Most people think that “football” is correct because you use your feet to control the ball, but football was a term used a long time ago to describe team games played on your feet as opposed to on a horse. There were many forms of football: rugby football (rugby), gridiron football (the game the Pittsburgh Steelers play) and association football (soccer). The term “soccer” was coined by the English in the late 1800s as a slang form of association. The term football is applied to the sport that is most popular in a given country. So in Europe, soccer is the most popular game so it’s called “football”, in Australia, “football” refers to rugby football and in America and Canada, “football” is the name given to gridiron football. So using the term soccer is less ambiguous than the term football.

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