Day: May 26, 2009


Gay took the kids and went to Clerkenwell with Eric for the afternoon. I stayed at home and did some work for the first time on the trip, which is my form of relaxation. They walked around, took the kids to a playground and then went to dinner at another gastropub, The Peasant.


Incidentally, it’s pronounced “Clarkenwell” in the Queen’s English. Nobody knows what you’re talking about when you say it like it’s spelled. Speaking of pronunciations, “Grosvenor” is pronounced “Grove-ner”, “Leicester” is pronounced “Ly-ster”, “Gloucester” is similarly pronounced “Gly-ster” and “Hertford” is pronounced “Hartford” (they really hate Es, I guess) — even Mark, an American, didn’t understand us when we said “Hertford”. They must not tell UK kids to “sound it out” when learning to read.