Dinner at Gordon Ramsay's Murano

Of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, Murano was the only one where we could get a reservation on short notice. We knew we were coming here months ago so we really should have made reservations at his flagship restaurant (which requires a 2-month reservation) months ago. But we didn’t.


We got a babysitter and walked to Murano which is nearby. This is only the third time we’ve ever had a babysitter for the kids and the first time it was a complete stranger. The other two times it was on a personal recommendation from friends we knew we could trust who live in the city we were visiting so we were comfortable. And for this babysitter, the hotel works with a service for babysitters that does background checks and they don’t work cheaply so we were reasonably confident that they would be experienced and not a crazy person, but it was still a little uncomfortable for us to be so trusting and leave the kids with a stranger. During the hour before we left, she seemed to be very experienced with kids and Havana really took to her right away, which gave us some confidence that she really does do this for a living. Parenthood can turn you into a perpetual worrier with irrational thoughts so on our walk to the restaurant, we talked about the bad things that could happen and eventually to the worst case possibility of her taking the kids and rushing them into a waiting van to sell them on the Russian black market. But we’re trying to not be one of those parents and worrying doesn’t affect anything but your own state of mind, so by the time we got to the restaurant we had convinced ourselves to put it out of our minds and have a relaxing dinner.

We both had the tasting menu and it was fantastic. Each plate on a tasting menu is normally small but each of these was a good size. We also got the optional cheese plate and were full by the end of the 8 courses. I’ve been to my share of nice restaurants but I am always amazed at how perfect the dishes are — always cooked to perfection and presented beautifully. Everything we had was fantastic and the service was impeccable. An entire place setting was on the table when we sat down and was completely removed as soon as we ordered our food. What’s the point of that? We ordered a bottle of wine, it was shown to us and taken to a nearby table to be decanted, inspected over candlelight (?) and even tasted by the server. The wine was brought to our table with the bottle and the foil put back in place so that it appeared to be unopened. I’ve never seen any of that done before.

Duck Breast


Cheese plate


A total of six different people served us our dishes, removed finished plates and refilled our wine and water glasses. Normally I hate restaurants where there’s constantly someone at your table doing something, but these people knew how to be as inconspicuous as possible and never interrupted our conversation. Our reservation was at 6:30 and at 9:20 we were finished but they didn’t seem to care how long we stayed even though we were politely warned when we arrived that there was another reservation for our table at 9pm — we assumed two-and-a-half hours would be plenty of time. Nobody ever came by to ask us if we wanted our bill, they only came by to deliver a set of candies and never once looked at us while we quietly waited for the one who would bring us our bill. It never came so we eventually caught the eye of a server and asked for it.

We had a nice walk home through the quiet streets and light rain and best of all, found the kids at home and safe.

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