Day: May 24, 2009

Sunday dinner

We invited Mark, Lee and Eric over for dinner at our apartment. Gay made a roasted lamb with potatoes and asparagus, Lee made a mint sauce and Mark made drinks with Pimm’s. They gave Havana a book, which was very thoughtful, and Lee read it to her at the end of the evening. Mark then read one of her other new books to her as well.


Beers in London

After a week in London, I’ve found two notable things about beers here. One is good: low-alcohol beers. The other is less good: taste.

First, on taste, I’m disappointed in the beers here. Many years ago, if you wanted good beer you looked for a beer from Germany or England for the finest beers. That was when Anheuser-Busch, Miller and Coors ruled the beer world in the US. If you wanted a lager, you found a German beer. If you wanted ale, the UK made the best. Not anymore. America’s craft beer industry has done an amazing thing for the reputation of American beer.

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