Another day of walking all around. Havana loves to walk but we’re getting tired of walking and pushing a stroller around all day.

Walking Hyde Park (4 of 4)

Sometimes before a nap the kids will wind down giving us signs that it’s time for their rest, but other times, like today, they show no signs of tiring until you look down and see their head leaning to the side and their eyes closed. Both Havana and Hudson took their afternoon naps in the stroller being wheeled around noisy and bumpy streets of London. They don’t complain and seem to be just as happy to keep going after they wake up, but I think it’s time to plan some destinations and make use of taxis and/or the Tube so they can get proper naps in beds.

We went to dinner at The Only Running Footman and had the upstairs dining room almost completely to ourselves, which makes it easier to have dinner with kids. But people started showing up at the same time the kids started getting tired and cranky. I see earlier dinners in our future and very few nice restaurants.

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