Eric in London!

When we had dinner with Mark and Lee earlier this week, they suggested dinner on Thursday and Lee arranged for his niece Aimee to babysit Havana and Hudson so we could go out for a nice dinner. Mark and Aimee arrived out our apartment at 6:30pm and we buzzed them in. Havana and Gay waited at the door while Havana asked “Where’s Uncle Mark?” and suddently Eric popped up the stairs!

The last we heard from Eric he was in India on his around the world trip, we hadn’t heard from him in many weeks and hadn’t seen him in over 10 months, so it was quite a surprise. Mark took some video of Gay’s face which I’m looking forward to seeing. When he heard through Mark that we were going to be in London, he decided to take a detour on his trip and come visit London and spend a few weeks in Europe.

Dinner at Prince Regent

After giving Aimee the rundown on the kids while we waited for Lee to arrive, we took a walk across Hyde Park into Kensington. The weather is perfect these days and it was a nice almost-sunset walk through the Park. They took us to The Prince Regent gastropub for dinner.

After dinner, we walked around Kensington for a while and then took a cab back to Mayfair for a beer at one of our neighborhood pubs.

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