Hyde Park

After getting a late start due to napping, we walked to Hyde Park and went to a playground there for Havana to play. Then we walked (too far) to have a beer and a snack for the kids at The Iron Duke. We walked home through a shopping district, down Piccadilly and back to our apartment.

Hyde Park

While Gay put the kids to bed, I ordered take-out dinner from an Italian place down the street. We watched TV from home over Slingplayer and went to bed.

4 thoughts on “Hyde Park”

  1. What a wonderful picture. Looks fabulous! Did you have to take a cab home since you walked too far?

    Have fun!

    Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Wonder what happened to my last comment Hope you are having a wondrful time – If you can get to Cornwall do It is wonderful especially “Mousehole” It is very charming. Another wonderful place and not too far from London id “Rye” and the Mermain Inn – I had a fabulous meal & great fun time there Cheers Bergy

  3. The kids and Gay look great! What a beautiful family you all have grown into. I always knew the two of you would create your own heaven on earth. I, too, hope you are having a wonderful time.

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