We’re not quite as adjusted to London time as we expected we’d be. Havana and Hudson both woke up at 1am and had trouble getting back to sleep. So we all ended up sleeping in too long.

After Havana’s nap we went for a walk to Belgravia. Once again, Havana insisted on walking on her own rather than ride in the stroller. We were heading to The Star Tavern, a very old Fuller’s pub, where I could get Fuller’s ESB and we could get lunch. This place is famous because it is where The Great Train Robbery was planned and where celebrities frequented in the 1960s.

Fuller's ESB on cask at The Star Tavern

A Waitrose grocery store was nearby so we stopped there to get some real coffee (instant coffee is provided in our apartment, expecting you to drink tea) and some wine and cheese to serve when Mark & Lee visit this evening.

One thought on “Monday”

  1. Nice to see old friends from home in a foreign land, hu? Seeing the one holding Havana brings back memories of your wedding. Enjoy!

    Grandma and Grandpa

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