Dinner in Mayfair

I remembered that last time we landed in London July 7, 2005, we found ourselves in the middle of a terrorist attack just a couple hours after it happened. That was a surreal experience, but fortunately, nothing like that happened this time.

After checking into the hotel, we walked around the area a bit before going to a pub for dinner. The downstairs was full so we had to go upstairs for a table, which meant we had to take Havana out of the stroller even though she was fast asleep. I picked her up but she didn’t wake up. I heard a loud “pop” and realized she dropped her milk bottle and, this has never happened before, the top popped off and splattered milk all over.

We eventually got the kids and the stroller upstairs and sat down at a table to feed Hudson. They were temporarily out of London Pride, as close as London gets to Budweiser popularity-wise (not taste-wise), so we got a couple pints of cask-conditioned Greene King IPA and Courage Directors Bitter. I’m not sure what it is, but cask-conditioned beers taste better in London than they do in the US. This is good because cask-conditioned is very common here. Fuller’s London Pride is everywhere in London but Fuller’s ESB, my favorite, isn’t. I asked the bar maid why this is and she said she had never heard of it! Hmmm. I need to get to a Fuller’s pub.

For dinner, I got the Fish & Chips, something impossible to not get right in London. Gay took a gamble and got the Sunday roast special. I made the better choice. By this time, London Pride was back on tap so we each got a pint of it before finishing dinner and deciding to get two tired kids back home. Havana has an indepenent streak so she demanded to walk down the stairs by herself saying “I do it! I do it!”. We waited at the bottom of the stairs and with half the people in the bar watching her, Havana finally made it down. She walked about 10 blocks all the way home by herself.

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