Day: May 17, 2009

Dinner in Mayfair

I remembered that last time we landed in London July 7, 2005, we found ourselves in the middle of a terrorist attack just a couple hours after it happened. That was a surreal experience, but fortunately, nothing like that happened this time.

After checking into the hotel, we walked around the area a bit before going to a pub for dinner. The downstairs was full so we had to go upstairs for a table, which meant we had to take Havana out of the stroller even though she was fast asleep. I picked her up but she didn’t wake up. I heard a loud “pop” and realized she dropped her milk bottle and, this has never happened before, the top popped off and splattered milk all over.

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Seattle to London

When we got to the airport we learned that the flight was delayed an hour because the plane was late due to weather leaving London. We checked-in, went to the British Airways lounge and waited with complimentary water, a beer and a glass of wine and really good mini sandwiches. During pre-boarding we went down to the gate to pack up the stroller, which will make you break a sweat. We thought we’d have to check the stroller into the cargo hold, but they let us take it on board and stash it in a closet.

British Airways Lounge @ SeaTac

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