Day: May 3, 2009

Phil & Ted's Dash Inline Baby stroller review

I hate “this thing”:! The only good things I can say about it is that 1) it has inflatable tires which are more comfortable on streets, 2) it carries two kids in a narrow footprint and 3) has a small turning radius. Surprisingly, those 3 things beat out every other double stroller on the market — it doesn’t take much! That’s all the thought that was put into this because everything else about it is annoying. Their instructions are so terse (and try so hard to be cute and clever) and it is next to impossible to fold the thing without hurting yourself in one way or the other. If you’re not pinching your fingers in the locking mechanism, you’re banging your shins with a steel bar. And when folding it, you scratch both the bottom and the handle on the sidewalk because it’s impossible to fold without the footpad smacking the pavement and then to lock the front wheel assembly down, you have to rest it on the handle. So when you unfold it to push it, you grab a scuffed and dirty handle; a handle that is sure to be worn out in no time and require replacement.

If I didn’t hate this thing enough, I was about to explore new depths in hatred for this product and its designers…

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