Lots of good beers

I’ve had these beers over the last few days:

Dogfish Head Aprihop: rating=3/5, didn’t think I’d like it, but I did.
Great Divide Hercules Double IPA: rating=4/5
Skagit River Trumpeter Imperial Stout: rating=4/5
Port Brewing’s The Lost Abbey Angel’s Share: rating=4/5
Stone Cali-Belgique: rating=3/5
Fuller’s London Porter: rating=4/5

I hadn’t had London Porter in many years and it’s hard to find, so when I found it, I picked up two (cans). It’s just as I remember it, very malty, somewhat bitter and nicely sweet.

The Lost Abbey Angel's Share

Angel’s Share is another big-hyped beer lately and I’ve been waiting to find it. It just arrived in Seattle this week so when I found it I had to get it. On Saturday we finally got Quantum of Solace from Netflix so we shared it while watching the movie, which seemed like a great night. Both the movie and the beer were disappointing. I can’t get over the complete lack of carbonation in the beer, although otherwise it’s wonderful.

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