BottleWorks + Brouwer's Café

We had an appointment in Seattle this afternoon so we asked Kelly to stay late and we made it into a date night. After our appointment, we went up to Wallingford to BottleWorks to stock up on some new beers and then to their beer restaurant in Fremont, Brouwer’s Cafe, for dinner.


Brouwer’s Cafe has been around for a while now but I didn’t even know about until about 6 months ago. It’s in a very cool space and has several fridges of bottled beers behind the bar and 60 taps of draft beer. It took 20 minutes after we got there, and 10 minutes after we ordered, to get our first beers and the place wasn’t even crowded — maybe 20 people in the place with 5 or 6 staffers. The wait staff are all tattooed death-metal types who don’t seem to like people (read: me when I was 17 without minus the tattoos). The food is “Belgian inspired” and not bad, but not great. I had the lamb burger which was surprisingly spicy, a little too spicy, and Gay had the Croque Monsieur.

In spite of their big draft beer selection, nothing really stuck out as need-to-try beers. I ended up with Stone’s Arrogant Bastard, which isn’t hard to find in bottles, but I’d never had it on tap. Gay got the local Maritime’s Dry-hopped IPA. My second beer was Avery‘s Maharaja IPA, which is a wonderful Imperial IPA and one that I discovered recently in the bottle on our trip to Oregon. Avery is one of my new favorite breweries.

We didn’t want to get home at 7pm on our date night so we decided to stop at Beveridge Place Pub which is not far from the ferry. I had the delicious Rogue Old Crustacean barley wine (I’ve been into barley wines lately, a beer I’ve always disliked) and Gay had the Full Sail Imperial Porter. A quick stop at Starbucks for coffees and we were on our way to catch the 8:45 ferry.

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