Sunday beer

For Saturday evening I wanted to have a special beer so I looked into the beer/wine fridge for something new to try. I decided on the Ommegang Ommegeddon because Ommegang is a great beer-maker and even though it has brettanomyces in it, which I don’t like, if it can be used for a good beer Ommegang should be able to do it. And it’s dry-hopped, which I really like.

Ommegang’s description:

Ommegeddon is 8% ABV Belgian-style ale with a wild twist — a dose of Brettanomyces yeast and a blast of dry hopping. It’s a strong blonde ale with a sharp citrus flavor that, like the other Ommegang ales, has a dry finish. Its dryness and funkiness begat the name of Ommegeddon — for the time when the forces of light and dark battle for world dominion. It’s time for you to pick your side.

Unfortunately, it’s bottle-conditioned and the bottle was on its side in the fridge so the yeast sediment had not settled at the bottom. So I put it in the regular fridge for Sunday instead.

It’s a very light-colored beer and I didn’t detect any hop aromas at all. I figured it was too cold and I’d let it warm up a little. But then it smelled like a musty basement. Blech. The taste was nothing special although it wasn’t as sour as I’d have expected with the brettanomyces.

Ommegang Ommegeddon

I ended up not finishing the little bit I poured and decided to treat myself to something I knew I’d like: Dogfish Head’s Black & Blue. I had this last year in June and really liked it. But that day was hot and today was cold and rainy so I didn’t expect it to be as enjoyable. It didn’t beat my memory of the last one I had and it tasted more like a fruit-punch beer, but I liked it a lot.

Dogfish Head Black & Blue

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