FeedFlix report

“FeedFlix.com”:http://feedflix.com analyzes your Netflix history and generates a report. Our report:

You have been a Netflix member since February 2002 and have returned 748 titles to date
You most recently returned a movie on 07/Apr/09 i.e. about 19 hours ago
You keep titles at home for an average of 12 days
You see 15.7 titles by DVD and 5.7 titles by Instant Watch each month
Your cost/DVD rental is $0.89. Your cost/movie (including Instant Watch) is $0.66
You’re in the 19th percentile. i.e., 19% of FeedFlixers pay less than you per movie

According to that, we pay 66¢ per movie that we watch which makes Netflix quite a good deal for us! The math doesn’t seem to work out for me, though. Most of the 7 years we’ve been a Netflix member we were on the $20/month plan. We suspended our account for about 18 months (tried out Blockbuster’s competitor) and a year ago we upgraded to the $36/mo plan. So we’ve spent about $1,500 on Netflix over the last 7 years. Watching 748 movies (that’s 11 movies/month on average), that’s $2.02/movie by my math. Still a good deal compared to a local video rental store (and far more convenient) but not as good as FeedFlix suggests.

I found out about this site from Leo Laporte who discovered that he spends $92 per movie. He could buy the DVD of every movie he watches and cut his movie bill by 75%.

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