Month: April 2009

Happy Birthday, Havana!

Havana turned 2 today. She made her own pancakes for breakfast and she helped mom make and ice her cake. She talked to all the grandparents on Skype in the afternoon and then she opened her presents. When she opens presents, she has to play with each one after she opens it rather than, like I did, open them all at once. So by the time she was ready to open her big present, which we knew would distract her for hours, it was getting late so we decided to have dinner and cake and let her open it the next morning. She was fine with that.


I think I set a personal record: 342 photos.

Swine Flu

The plain old boring regular flu “kills 36,000 Americans every year”:, or 101 people every single day. The swine flu has killed zero Americans so far but the media stirs up fears (and ratings, of course) about it — the only death in America was a Mexican boy who contracted it in Mexico and flew to Texas where he died. People all over the world are “buying and wearing surgical masks”: even though “they don’t help you”: — masks are meant for the people _with the sickness_ to wear to avoid passing it on to others:

bq. US health officials give very different guidance. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there is not a lot of evidence that masks do much good, and have pointedly not recommended their use by the general public. Swine flu is thought to be transmitted in much the same way as seasonal flu, by touching something with the virus and then passing it to the nose or mouth or through coughing or sneezing.

People say they hate fear, but they secretly seem to love it.

Date night

After another appointment in Seattle, we went to dinner at “Quinn’s Pub”: Gay had the steak and I had the burger, both I thought were very good but Gay wasn’t as impressed. They had Russian River’s Damnation on tap so I couldn’t pass that up. Gay had the Speakeasy Double IPA which was less hoppy than you’d expect from a double IPA. They have a nice selection of Belgian beers and because we’re going to visit Belgium in a few weeks, we decided to get a Belgian and after recommendations from the waiter, we split the “Achtel Trappist Extra”: which was very good and went well with the food.

Incidentally, we found another reference to “Hudson”… on the menu of dozens of whiskeys there was one called Hudson Baby Bourbon made by Tuthilltown Spirits. And Hudson is a baby (but doesn’t taste anything like bourbon). Turns out their whole line of bourbons are named “Hudson”. It’s supposed to be very good too so I’ll have to try to find some.

For dessert, we went to “Molly Moon’s”: for ice cream. Gay ordered a “double” of salted caramel (yum!) and Vivace coffee ice cream and discovered that a “double” is almost a pint of ice cream (for only $4.50!) and ended up throwing most of it away! I wisely got the single of “birthday cake” ice cream and balsamic strawberry which was a manageable size.

The name Hudson

Since naming Hudson, “Hudson” has popped up a lot that we’ve noticed. Our contact at our bank has a last name of Hudson, the actress Jennifer Hudson had a family tragedy and she sang at the Steelers Super Bowl, a plane miraculously landed in the Hudson in New York, and two restaurants have opened in Seattle recently: Hudson Public House and Hudson Restaurant. Ironically, we picked the name because our other top choice was too trendy.

Update: Another reference today to Hudson in NYT photo and article.

Hudson's 8 months old

He’s had a rough 8th month. He’s been sick twice and had a bad cold this week (that he got from mom and passed on to me and then to Kelly) which made it hard for him to breathe with his thumb in his mouth. That made it hard for him to sleep at night so we had a few sleep-deprived nights this week. The bulb syringe was used frequently to unblock his nose — it’s amazing how much stuff can come out of such a tiny nose.

He’s babbling a lot more than he used to and seems to be trying hard to talk. Still nowhere near walking and doesn’t try crawling very much even though he doesn’t like to stay in the same place or position for long. He’s becoming a very picky eater too, one day he’ll love something and the next he will refuse to eat it. He’s starting to eat solids but that’s hit and miss too.

Hudson at 8 months

Hudson at “7 months”:, “6 months”:, “5 months”:, “4 months”:, “3 months”:, “2 months”: and “1 month”:

Bainbridge Island

We had an appointment today on Bainbridge Island so we drove up and had lunch at the marina. It’s been years since I’ve been to Bainbridge and it’s still a cute as ever. I wish Vashon had a downtown area as nice as Bainbridge’s but with half the population of Bainbridge, I don’t think Vashon can sustain it.

Our appointment ran longer than expected so we just missed the ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle so we raced back down the peninsula and were the last car on the Southworth ferry back to Vashon. Phew!

Lots of good beers

I’ve had these beers over the last few days:

Dogfish Head Aprihop: rating=3/5, didn’t think I’d like it, but I did.
Great Divide Hercules Double IPA: rating=4/5
Skagit River Trumpeter Imperial Stout: rating=4/5
Port Brewing’s The Lost Abbey Angel’s Share: rating=4/5
Stone Cali-Belgique: rating=3/5
Fuller’s London Porter: rating=4/5

I hadn’t had London Porter in many years and it’s hard to find, so when I found it, I picked up two (cans). It’s just as I remember it, very malty, somewhat bitter and nicely sweet.

The Lost Abbey Angel's Share

Angel’s Share is another big-hyped beer lately and I’ve been waiting to find it. It just arrived in Seattle this week so when I found it I had to get it. On Saturday we finally got Quantum of Solace from Netflix so we shared it while watching the movie, which seemed like a great night. Both the movie and the beer were disappointing. I can’t get over the complete lack of carbonation in the beer, although otherwise it’s wonderful.

Havana and her tricycle

She’s getting tall enough to ride her tricycle, but her legs are just a tad too short to reach the pedal at its furthest point. She can now turn the pedals several turns but if she doesn’t give enough push on the downward stroke the pedal doesn’t get all the way around. And she doesn’t quite have the hang of turning the wheel to steer yet.


She sings a song that goes “Pedals and wheels, pedals and wheels” as she rides it. I don’t know if that’s a made-up song or something she heard somewhere.

Easter Wednesday

Today is the first sunny day, so Havana got to hunt for Easter eggs today instead of on Sunday.


When she woke up from her noon nap, Kelly told her that the Easter bunny came and she asked “Did he hide the eggs?” How does she know that?

She found all the eggs and immediately opened each plastic one as she found them to get the Jelly Belly inside.