Portland, Oregon

On Tuesday we went to the “Lucky Labrador”:http://www.luckylab.com/html/story.html brewpub, which we’ve never been to before but had heard good things about (and because we love labradors). Havana slept through most of lunch. Lucky Lab has a very aloof group of employees who don’t seem to care if you order anything or not and is even dog-friendly. There are lots of photos and painting of labradors, all looked just like Illy and Ouzo.

Lucky Labrador Brewing Co.

We then stopped at “John’s Marketplace”:http://www.johnsmarketplace.com/. I’d heard about this place from “a Seattle beer blogger”:http://seattlebeernews.com/?p=96 and he’s right, I’ve never seen a bigger or better beer selection.

John's Marketplace

We found tons of beers we’ve never heard of and many that we have heard of but can’t get in Seattle. Minutes after we got there and I was looking at the beers in the first aisle I heard a loud pop and an immediate announcement on the PA: “Broken bottle on aisle one!” Hudson had pulled a bottle off the shelf and, unfazed, was reaching for another. They were very nice about it and didn’t charge us for it. We left with 29 bottles, mostly 650ml, of beers to take home.

We walked around the little area there called “Multnomah Village”:http://www.multnomahvillage.org/joomla/ and found a kid’s toy shop (on Troy Street!) where Havana immediately found “choo choos” (a wooden train set) and played with that while Gay found a couple toys for her. Then we found a kids clothes shop and Gay got her a new shirt. We left that area and drove around the outskirts of Portland before going back to the hotel for dinner at the rooftop restaurant “Departure”:http://www.starwoodhotels.com/luxury/property/dining/index.html?propertyID=1757.

Dinner was stressful with the kids. We didn’t get there until after 6:30pm and they weren’t in the mood to sit still. Fortunately, they stuck us in a corner and the place was pretty loud so they weren’t disruptive to anyone but us. I ate most of my dinner with Havana on my lap and Gay was entertaining Hudson on the bench seat. The food was very good, though.

One thought on “Portland, Oregon”

  1. I tried Lucky Labrador as well – but can’t recall whether the service was particularly good or bad. Could it be due to bringing our baby which was enough of a distraction? Our dog Assante enjoyed it – so that’s enough reason for us to return.

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