Day: March 31, 2009

Portland, Oregon

On Tuesday we went to the “Lucky Labrador”: brewpub, which we’ve never been to before but had heard good things about (and because we love labradors). Havana slept through most of lunch. Lucky Lab has a very aloof group of employees who don’t seem to care if you order anything or not and is even dog-friendly. There are lots of photos and painting of labradors, all looked just like Illy and Ouzo.

Lucky Labrador Brewing Co.

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Obama is the best CEO GM ever had

“Obama fired GM CEO Wagoner”:! To all those who defend Wagoner as a great CEO… I am sure I could take the #1 car-maker in the world, lose two-thirds of my marketshare in a few years, lose money on every single car I make, invest in things that people have said for decades they don’t want and drive the company into bankruptcy. That must make me a great CEO too, so if you were happy with Wagoner, please hire me and pay me millions a year to do it to your company. And if I can’t kill your company faster than Wagoner killed GM, I will only take half the $20 million bonus GM is paying him to leave.

To all those who think the federal government shouldn’t be running GM, I agree that would be bad. It’s so bad that the only thing worse than the Federal Government running GM is GM running GM.

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