Day: March 26, 2009

Russian River + Lagunitas

We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Santa Rosa to visit the “Russian River Brewing Company”:, one of my current favorite brewers and brewer of the famous “Pliny the Elder”: It’s hardly a brewery, mostly a brewpub, which would explain their very limited availability even in San Francisco. We ordered their sampler, which is a set of 2 oz. samples of all their current beers, 14 in total, most of which I’ve never had. Half of them were Belgian-style including a beer brewed with “brettanomyces”: which was incredibly sour, like drinking liquid Sweet Tarts and not very good in our opinion. Another sour beer, called Consecration, but aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels and brewed with currants that was much better, you can really taste the wine barrel flavor. So good that we bought two 750ml bottles to take home.

Russian River Brewing

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