Redding, CA to San Francisco

Today’s Gay’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Gay!

We had breakfast at the hotel in Redding and took our time leaving thinking we had plenty of time. We gave the kids a bath in the morning after breakfast, packed up and got on the road by 11am. We made our way pretty quickly to Chico to the Sierra Nevada Brewery.

Sierra Nevada Brewery

The “tour” is a self-guided tour, if you can call it that. We just walked around the brewery. Since it’s Sunday, no one was working so it was quiet. They have a brewpub in the brewery so we went there for lunch. It’s a fairly typical brewpub, and a very popular place in the area. There were lots of locals and a surprising number of people drinking wine. I ordered the Torpedo IPA, a new (to me, at least) Sierra Nevada beer that I really like. It was every bit as good on draft. They have a lot of beers that are only available at the brewery or in local pubs so we also ordered their sampler. Their sampler consists of 16 beers! I’ve never had a sample size that big. I liked the Bigfoot, the Chico IPA and, of course, the Porter and Stout. A surprise was that we liked their Hefeweizen, called “Ruthless Hefeweizen”. I really don’t like wheat beers at all but this was pretty good. Gay liked it even more than me. Another surprise was their new “Pale Bock” which is neither a pale ale or a bock, but a malt liquor. I expected to really dislike it and, while I didn’t like it all that much, it wasn’t so bad. It’s far from an Olde English or Colt 45, though and was not even served in a paper bag.

We headed away from the brewery at 1pm hoping to be in San Francisco within 3 hours. But we hit traffic in Vacaville and it was slow traffic for most of the way to San Francisco. We got to our place in the city at 6pm. We had no food and we were hungry so we put the kids in the stroller looking for some quick take-out so we could get the kids to bed soon after 7pm. No luck. We ended up getting prepared sandwiches at a deli which were not good. Gay got online and found a Thai place that also has sushi place and that delivers so we ordered some sushi and, to hedge our bets, some Pad Thai. We finally got Havana to bed by 8:30pm, the food arrived but we were disappointed in that.

We were tired and went to bed by 10pm.

One thought on “Redding, CA to San Francisco”

  1. We are enjoying reading about your trip. Happy trails! Sounds like the kids are really doing well, and a new stroller, too. Enjoy the rest of the birthday trip,Gay, and many, many more!!

    Lots of Love and a hug to H1 & H2.

    Grandma & Grandpa

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