Portland to Redding, CA

We got room service breakfast at the hotel in Portland, packed up and were checked out and in the car by 9:30am. Not bad. We hoped to get to Redding, California by 4pm. That was too optimistic. Traffic was light but 7 hours in car seats makes kids unhappy. Hudson was less happy, since he hates being in a wet diaper for more than a few minutes so we had to stop quicklyt at rest stops and Gay rode half the way in the back seat sandwiched between the car seats trying to entertain them.

We stopped in Roseburg, Oregon for lunch at Subway, a little play time at a park in the town, a bathroom break at the local YMCA and got gas and coffee on our way out of town.

Havana complained very little on the long day. She once announced that she had to go potty while we were in Northern California. I checked the nav system and found a rest stop 18 miles away. We didn’t think she’d make it so we told her that it was okay to go potty in her diaper. She kept quiet for the next 15 minutes when we got to rest stop in Weed, California and she had held it the entire time and went both #1 and #2 at the rest stop. She’s a little trooper.

I love the drive between southern Oregon and Redding, CA. The scenery is beautiful through very Pacific Northwest scenery and once you get to Mt. Shasta and into the mountains the road is gently winding with great vistas everywhere you look. We also saw all forms of weather. It was mostly rain, and sometimes very driving rain, but we also saw sun and snow with icy roads for a short stretch.

We got to the hotel at 6pm all very tired. We checked in and immediately ordered pizza delivery. We ate pizza and Gay and I drank the two “Laughing Dog”:http://www.laughingdogbrewing.com/Brew_News.html beers we got in Portland, Alpha Dog Imperial IPA and then the Dogfather Imperial Stout. Nothing beats a nice hoppy beer when you’re tired so the Alpha Dog was perfect. Everyone else went to bed by 8pm while I had the last glass of the Dogfather Imperial Stout while reading a couple chapters of “Outliers”:http://www.gladwell.com/outliers/index.html.

We planned to have a shorter day of driving the next day into San Francisco, a drive that should take 3 hours broken up with a stop at the “Sierra Nevada Brewery”:http://www.sierranevada.com/tour/introduction.html in Chico, California.

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