Seattle to Portland

On our way to San Francisco, we left home at noon and got to “our hotel”: in Portland at 4pm. We checked into our room, relaxed a bit after the drive and to let Havana and Hudson get some away from sitting time and went out to eat at the recently-opened “Deschutes Public House”: a few blocks away. This was the first real walk we’ve taken with “our new two-kid stroller”:

Deschutes Public House, Portland, Oregon

The Deschutes pub was a great start to the trip. The place is very cool inside, a big open space with big timbers holding the ceiling up. We were seated at a huge table, big enough for 6. I ordered a “Hop Henge IPA”: and Gay got an amazing stout, Nitro Night Rider Stout, which was their very good Obsidian Stout brewed with coffee and served from a nitro tap. If there ever was a beer you could have for breakfast, this was it. It smelled and tasted so much like coffee you’d think you were drinking a carbonated coffee with a creamy froth on top. I wish they bottled the stuff! The food hit the spot too. I had a bacon bleu cheese burger, which is hard to not make delicious, and Gay had the Reuben. Havana had grilled cheese and fries and Hudson missed out and had to eat his baby mush.

After dinner we took the long way back to the hotel and stopped at the Whole Foods. Wow, what a beer selection! We kept finding more beers that you can’t get in Seattle and ended up with $50 worth of beers including Dogfish Head Chicory Stout, Laughing Dog’s Alpha Dog Imperial IPA, Laughing Dog’s Dogfather Imperial Stout, Black Orchard from The Bruery, Alameda XX Stout and Goose Island Kentucky Bourbon County Stout. We had a nice chat about beer with the beer guy at Whole Foods who, coincidentally grew up in Oakton, Virginia, just minutes from where I grew up.

We went straight back to the hotel to put the kids to bed because we knew we’d have a long day of driving on Saturday.

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