Apple's acceptance

Seven days (five business days) “after I applied”: to be in the iPhone Developer Program, I was accepted. Apple then let me pay them $99 so that I could get a key and install my app on my iPhone. It’s so nice of them to allow me to make software for their platform. Then I had to go through the involved process of making my security key, uploading it to Apple, getting a certificate from them and installing it on my computer and then registering it with Xcode.

I’ve built software on DOS, several flavors of Windows, Windows mobile devices, Palm devices, a few flavors of commercial Unixes and even Apple’s OS X. I have never had to be _approved_ to be a developer on those platforms. I still don’t understand why Apple is so protective of the iPhone and why it makes sense to them to erect barriers to developers wanting to build iPhone apps. I can’t imagine the hoops I’ll have to jump through or how long it’ll be if/when I want to put the app in the App Store.

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