Day: March 12, 2009

Apple's iPhone Developer Approval process

I’m building an iPhone app and wanted to put it on my iPhone to try it out on real hardware. I discovered that I can’t do this without getting a license from Apple which requires that you log into your Developer account at, which I found shocking. You then have to fill out a form and promise to pay $99. Okay, not a big deal and $99 isn’t much. But then you have to be approved for the program. I assume that means they reject people. They reject people from building apps for their platform?! I’ve never heard of such a thing!

I can understand their approval process for selling your app on their App Store, but they won’t even let me make a crappy app and put it on my own iPhone. And you can’t just pay the $99 and get your license immediately. Again, this doesn’t mean they have to accept my app on their store and potentially ruin other people’s iPhones, this is just so I can put my app _on my own_ iPhone!

It gets worse….

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