12 years in Seattle

Today is my 12th anniversary of living in Seattle, and one year exactly since my “11th-year anniversary”:https://troyandgay.com/blog/2008/03/03/11-years-in-seattle/. 12 years is a long enough time to live in one place so I’ve been thinking about finding a new place to live to see what that’s like. Because I’ve been thinking about it and talking about it, Gay’s been thinking about it too. For some reason I have yet to figure out, she wants to continue to live with me.

The East Coast is out because I lived there for far too long (26 years) and it’s a god-awful place: year-round lousy weather and too crowded. The Midwest is less crowded, but for a good reason. The Southwest is too dry and hot. Alaska and Hawaii are too remote.

That leaves the West Coast. Northern California would be great but it’s too expensive in the San Francisco area and you can’t get lots of acreage anywhere around there for less than many millions, so I’d have to live north of San Francisco. Unfortunately, there’s no desirable place to live north of Napa Valley, which is still very expensive (and lacks nice views, IMO). Oregon would be great, especially the Portland area. It’s a beer, wine and coffee town, it’s less expensive than Seattle and you can get sizable land for reasonable prices but still be fairly close to Portland.

But then I remember where I live. We have 4 acres with a view you can’t get in many places around the world, let alone the US. Seattle’s a great city and, while the ferries are annoying, it’s relatively easy to get into the city. And we can remodel this house to fix its problems for much much cheaper than it would be to buy a house anywhere (which would also require a remodel).

But then again, I haven’t seriously considered any other countries. It’d be great to give the kids an experience of living in another country. Although they wouldn’t fully appreciate it until they’re 10 years old or so.

2 thoughts on “12 years in Seattle”

  1. How ’bout New Zealand? My grandfather visited there once & wanted to uproot the entire family & move them.
    Chad would visit for the fly fishing, too!

  2. Aside from Western Europe or UK, can’t really think of any place. Plus Western Europe probably has land values that are just as high as Seattle’s if not higher.

    There’s Vancouver (BC – duh), but too close/similar to where you all ready are?

    Niles and I have friends who spend a couple of years in New Zealand. They always meant to come back after two or three years. They say it was stunning with plenty of recreational possibilities for your more outdoorsy types. They lived in the largest city (or was it 2nd largest city?) and said after a while it felt very small townish. I’d probably try Australia myself – Sydney is probably closer to my idea of a cosmopolitan place. But if you think of Alaska & Hawaii as too remote, than this is really just my fantasy more than anything I suggest as something to really consider.

    I agree – wait til the kids are older, they’d never remember much if they went as small tykes.

    Love & kisses to Gay – you too ya big lug.

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